Hotel Du Parc

Historical, artistic and socio-cultural value

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Hotel du Parc escaped the relentless destruction rage that ravaged the entire Belgian coastline. Fortunately, the heirs Libert and Vincke renounced the exorbitant extortionate prices.

The enthusiasm and thoroughness with which the restoration assignment was subsequently carried out by Vincke's heirs resulted in the classification as Heritage of one of the last and most valuable Art Deco buildings on the Belgian coast.

Since the Ministerial Decree of 27.01.2000, the Hotel-brasserie du Parc has been classified as a Heritage because of its historical, artistic and socio-cultural value.

We hope that the charm and authenticity of this old and exceptional lady will charm you and that you will become one of the many admirers and beauty-loving guests ...